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A truck is falling on the side of the road.Have You Recently Suffered Damage Or Injury From A Trucking Accident?

The Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC, based in La Jolla, CA, specializes in personal injury cases, and a major subset of that is trucking accidents. These are distinct from typical car accidents. Truck accident defense law is an entirely different animal with considerably larger insurance policies at play. Our team of truck accident lawyers has years of experience and a deep understanding of the law. We’ve successfully navigated several truck accident injury claims and are eager to do the same for you.

Your Case, Your Choice

Our trucking accident legal services are personalized to your specific case. We know no two claims are exactly the same, and so we are very intentional about not implementing a cookie-cutter approach to the cases we handle.

In line with this, we provide emotional and mental support over and above the legal aid we deliver to you. Truck accident injuries have far-reaching consequences. If you’re severely injured, you know this all too well. Your life has been changed across the board, far beyond just a mere court case or debate with an insurance company. We assist in getting you the medical treatment you need, helping you trust us from the outset of your relationship with us.

How Can I Obtain Compensation For Non-Economic Damages I’ve Suffered?

With the help of a truck accident compensation lawyer, you can receive compensation for several different types of damages. Some of these are designed to address non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

To do this, we’ll help you document all of the damages you experience once you partner with us. We’ll also consult experts and ask them to testify as necessary. This will go far in strengthening your case.

We know what it takes to secure compensation for these non-economic damages and how important they are. We’ll guide you along throughout the entire process and steer you clear of any pitfalls you may have run into trying to manage things on your own. You can trust us during what is an incredibly difficult time.

Where We Help

After intake, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation of your case and all of the peripheral factors at play. We’ll retrieve accident reports, witness statements, electronic logging device data, and black box recordings, just to name a few, and arrange our findings in a way that makes your case as strong as possible.

After doing this, we’ll be in a good position to prove liability. This is perhaps the most important part of a case. It isn’t uncommon for there to be multiple liable parties in trucking accident cases, adding layers upon layers of complexity to this. Regardless, we’ll get to the bottom of it and work to hold all responsible.

Get On The Road To Recovery

Being involved in an accident involving a truck is an incredibly difficult thing to experience, and unfortunately, the aftermath isn’t much easier. With the Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC, we’ll make things a little bit easier for you while increasing the chance of maximizing the compensation you’ll receive. Email or call us at (619) 612-5554 today. We’ll set up a free consultation with you, assess your case, and get the gears moving on building it out.

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