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Premises LiabilityInjured On Someone Else’s Property? You May Be Entitled To Compensation.

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property in California, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses. Unfortunately, navigating premises liability cases can be particularly challenging, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with them, let alone the law more generally. If you find yourself in this situation, do you know where or who to turn to for help?

Trustworthy Experience Handling Premises Liability Cases Throughout California

The premises liability claims attorneys of The Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC. have years of experience guiding clients through premises liability cases – and not just around where we’re based in La Jolla, CA. We have helped people throughout the entire state of California.

From slip and fall accidents to poor security claims, our knowledge of the state’s premises liability injuries law and ability to understand our clients’ needs regardless of their socioeconomic background or location has been instrumental in steering so many to receive the compensation they’re entitled to. We are dedicated to providing the same personalized and effective legal service to you in what may be the most difficult time of your life.

Running Into A Wall Trying To Prove Negligence?

Proving negligence is widely considered to be the most challenging aspect of a premises liability case. You have to demonstrate the property owner failed to uphold its duty of care for visitors to the property. This oftentimes includes showing that they knew or should have known that the conditions of the property were not conducive to facilitating visitors’ safety and failed to address it or give adequate warning. Several factors play into establishing this, including:

As difficult as this may be, there are plenty of other issues over and above this that you’ll face as your premises liability case unfolds. These cases aren’t easy to navigate on your own, especially without sufficient experience handling them.

How We’ll Help You See Justice

When you partner with us, our premises injury compensation attorneys step in and handle everything on your behalf, enabling you to focus on your recovery – as you should in the aftermath of a severe injury or significant loss.

We’ll handle all negotiations with the other side, including their insurance company, if relevant, as well as their legal team. This means you won’t unintentionally fall into the trap of saying something that may be twisted to completely undermine your case later on. Nor will you feel overwhelmed by the process in the meantime, while dramatically increasing your chances of a fair settlement that covers the costs associated with your injuries, medical expenses, any lost wages, and pain and suffering.

We’ll do more than that, though. We’ll do a deep dive into your case and all of the surrounding circumstances, gathering all necessary evidence, such as witness statements, surveillance footage, and maintenance records, to build as strong a case as we can. And if our presentation during settlement negotiations doesn’t sway the other side to accept a fair deal, we’ll be ready to litigate in a court of law.

Take Action To Protect Your Rights Today

If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property in California and are searching for a premises liability lawyer, look no further. Email or call The Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC. at (619) 612-5554 today and schedule a free consultation. We’ll listen to your story and immediately begin brainstorming ways we can deliver justice to you should you decide to partner with us for your premises liability claim.

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