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After the accident, the motorcycle fell on the road - Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC.Facing Challenges When Dealing With Insurance After Suffering In A Motorcycle Accident?

Being involved in an accident as a motorcyclist is a terrifying experience. You are exposed to so much more risk than you would have if you were driving a typical car. Unfortunately, in some ways, things only became more difficult after the accident.

In your quest to be made whole, you’re likely to come across countless roadblocks, most, if not all, put up by insurance companies. Ironic how they so often do the opposite of what they claim is their purpose – helping people in times of great need.

Drawing On Our Experience To Ensure Your Success

The motorcycle accident attorneys of The Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC in La Jolla, CA, know how to handle insurance companies, as well as any other issues you face in the aftermath of an accident. We are well-versed in motorcycle accident injury law, as demonstrated by our rich track record of successfully representing clients throughout countless motorcycle accident lawsuits. We draw on a deep sense of compassion and determination to secure the outcomes our clients not only deserve but are entitled to by the law.

Do You Know The Steps To Take To Protect Your Rights?

This may be the most important question you can ask yourself after a motorcycle accident. Don’t fret if you can’t answer it, though, because our motorcycle accident lawyers have you covered if you can’t. Immediately after an accident, be sure to take care of the following:

From there, you’ll want to seek any medical care you need. Document all of the costs associated with this care. Doing this sooner than later will generally help your case.

You’ll also need to report the accident to your insurance company. If you partner with a motorcycle accident lawyer, they’ll handle this for you, both between your own insurance company and the other party’s. This is crucial since insurance companies are notorious for manipulating things you say in order to reduce, if not entirely eliminate, what they’re responsible to pay out to you.

We’ll Fight To Make You Whole

As much as the measures outlined above are helpful, they may not get you as strong as possible. We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your case, as well as a solid investigation. We will go to great lengths to collect as much evidence as we possibly can to this end. The argument we build from it will be sure to dismantle the insurance company’s story built on a house of cards in the negotiation.

If it doesn’t, we’ll file a lawsuit against them, represent you in court, and fight to secure the highest award we can. Our ultimate goal is to see you awarded everything you need to restore your life back to how it was before your accident as much as possible.

Take The First Step Now

Putting off your motorcycle accident claim can significantly weaken your case and jeopardize everything later on in the claims process. Email or call The Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC, at (619) 612-5554 to begin developing a strong case for your motorcycle accident claim today. We’ll schedule a consultation, get to know you and your case, and immediately begin delivering for you.

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