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A damaged car after colliding with another vehicle.

Recently Injured In A Car Accident? Exercise Your Rights And Be Made Whole.

If you’ve recently been seriously injured in a car accident for the first time, you may not know what your rights are or where to turn to explore them. With the Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC, you’ll have a trusted partner well-versed in California personal injury law and the nuances relevant to car accidents to guide you through the legal process and receive the compensation necessary to make you whole.

Based in La Jolla, CA, lead car accident lawyer David Kaufman has years of experience doing just that. He leverages his knowledge of the law and experience representing other victims who have suffered in car accidents to hold negligent and responsible parties to the full extent of the law.

The Choice For You

Your Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC car accident compensation lawyer will wear several hats as they deliver the compensation you need to recover and move on after your car accident, including:

● Guide And Advocate

From the moment you begin your initial consultation, we’ll guide you in the way that sets you up for success. We know ultimately that it’s your life, so we don’t make decisions for you. Instead, we educate you along the way so you have a decent understanding of what it is you’re up against and the direction your case is moving in.

● Investigator

We go to great lengths to compile solid evidence that will serve as a foundation for your case that will withstand the attacks of the opposing side. We’ll even call in experts to testify as necessary to bolster it even more.

● Negotiator

Insurance companies are a nightmare to deal with under normal circumstances. Having to interact with them after a car accident is like trying to catch a fish with your hands – they so easily slip through the fingers of your argument and logic. We draw on the strong negotiation skills we’ve developed over the years so this doesn’t happen and to ensure you maximize your compensation.

● Representative

We don’t just advocate for you in pre-litigation contexts. If your case escalates, we represent you and uphold your rights before the opposition, a judge, or a jury.

● Clerk

Paperwork is a part of car accident cases, and filing important documents by vital deadlines is something your car accident claim lawyer will handle for you. Failure to do this could end your case before it begins.

● And More

How Do Insurance Coverage Limits Impact Compensation?

Each insurance policy has limitations to coverage. These limits oftentimes prevent people from recovering the full amount of their compensation through insurance alone. Aside from this, many drivers in California have insufficient auto insurance, if any at all. In these situations, you’re exposed to far more risk of not being able to receive the compensation you’re due.

Can A Car Accident Lawyer Near Me Help? Absolutely

The Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC, doesn’t give up if the other driver is underinsured or once insurance policy limits enter the fray. We pursue any and all other possible avenues by which you can receive compensation for the damage and injury you’ve suffered, including the other driver’s personal assets.

Take The First Step Today

Getting the compensation you need may be difficult on your own, but with the Law Offices of David A. Kaufman, APC, it’ll be a lot easier. Email or call us at (619) 612-5554 today, and we’ll schedule a free consultation to get things moving in the right direction.

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